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Get your hands on the Linga Point of Sale System today! It’s a cloud-based iPad POS System and offers a free open platform

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Payment Processing Made Easy

Completely free Clover Mini for brand new and present ShopController end users. Clover Mini is just a compact platform with a huge desire for your business. It's a tiny counter existence whilst providing secure and fast payment processing.

► Accept EMV Chip Cards ► Accept Apple Pay and Android Pay ► Next Day Deposits ► Accept EMV Chip Cards ► Accept Apple Pay and Android Pay ► Next Day Deposits

Designed for All Types of Automotive Businesses

Franchise Management

Gain the tools
needed to manage
your franchises in

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Give customers a
tailored solution
with pricing

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Run the most current
technology and gain
access from

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HD Truck

Use built-in features
specific to trucking
and fleet

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Features to Help Your Business Grow


Return on Investment

Most firm decisions return to ROI. We assembled Shop Controller 10 with all the most important objective of rising ROI during productivity, efficacy, and pricing programs. Listed here are only two or three an easy task to quantify programs in Shop Controller 10 which will boost your ROI instantly.


CarFax Plate & VIN Decoder

  • ► Allows you to input vehicles faster and with better accuracy. Service History Check
  • ► Make better service recommendations
  • ► Find opportunities to increase ticket averages
  • ► Build customer confidence
  • ► Identify unperformed maintenance

QuickBooks Integration

  • ► Simple, 1-Step QuickBooks Export.
  • ► Avoid reentering invoices to save time and money
  • ► Easily Review Transactions before Exporting

Powerful Prebuilt Standard Reports

ShopController offers a full suite of standard reports and forms “right out of the box” that provide all the reporting and documentation functions most shops will ever need.

Custom Reports

We provide tools to create your own custom reports, and we offer custom report design services.

Custom Invoices

Go beyond just branding your invoices with your logo.


Inventory Control

  • ► Inventory is automatically updated as parts are ordered or sold.
  • ► Minimum Quantities can be set to notify you when parts need to be reordered.
  • ► Inventory view shows the last purchase date so you can easily identify dead inventory.
  • ► Custom Inventory reports can be used to analyze inventory usage, and identify parts that should be stocked, and inventory levels.

Features to Help Your Business Grow


Return on Investment

  • ► Share customer information, inventory levels and service templates with other shops.
  • ► Managers and owners can view reports, work orders, and schedules for any location.
  • ► Allows managers to identify issues in real time instead of waiting for end of month reports after the damage is already done.
  • ► Makes it easier to have centralized operations including accounting, marketing, and scheduling.

Data Security

  • ► Hosted Database with Remote Access Availability
  • ► Real-time Replicated Database at 2 separate locations
  • ► Daily Incremental Backups for 30 Days
  • ► Full Redundant Network with NO Single Point of Failure and Multiple Layers of Network Security
  • ► Multiple Bandwidth Providers (AboveNet, ATT, Comcast, Global Crossing, Level(3), NTT
  • ► State of the Art Data Center with Backup Power Generators and HVAC Units


► Make Appointments Quicker than any Handwritten Schedule.

Multiple Schedules

► Keep different Schedules for technicians, bays, or even specialty equipment.

Ability to Schedule Work Order for Multiple Resources

  • ► Schedule a Technician, and the Alignment Rack
  • ► Schedule a delivery driver to pick up the vehicle, technician to do the repair, and another driver to deliver the vehicle all at different times.

Data Security

  • ► Do jobs flow smoothly through your shop?
  • ► Can you tell from one screen what is going on with every vehicle in your shop?
  • ► Do you spend too much time “catching up” on shop work flow?
  • ► ShopCntroller SC10 can help you manage your work flow by combining work flow staging and work flow status into one simple-to-use feature.

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  • Niki Automotive Repair, USA

    “I have recommended ShopController to several shops in my area. ShopController keeps great records of my customers, vehicles and my inventory. The support that we get from Alliance Automotive Software has been outstanding and the software is also very easy to use.”
    Mark Niki
    Niki Automotive Repair, USA
  • Wheel to Wheel, USA

    “We have been using ShopController for over 3 years and it is a very trouble free software. My relationship with tech support has been very good since I really haven’t had to use them. ShopController is a very user friendly software and it does everything that I need it to do.”
    Chris Kern
    Wheel to Wheel, USA

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