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SmartSwipe POS

Perfect for Restaurant & Retail

SmartSwipe is a cloud based point of sale system built for any and all business owners. It enables business owners to track customers, manage inventory and run business analytics for real-time insights. With access to a suite of sophisticated tools more powerful and intuitive than the enterprise systems used by retail giants, at a fraction of the cost.

A Better Way to Manage Your Payment Processing

A Better Way to Manage Your Payment Processing

SmartSwipe POS enables you to accept all significant charge cards using superior card-scanning technology. It is possible to better manage your obligations with a portable solution that provides amazing features for you and your own customers. Together with SmartSwipe POS, accepting debit and credit cards can be as simple as ordering your equipment along with some other desirable peripherals, fast setting your system up, and taking your clients' payments where you conduct business. SmartSwipe enables you to run secure payment arrangements utilizing the latest and high level encryption technologies. Most your debit and credit card transactions are subsequently sent straight to a own bank accounts of preference. You get nextday financing with SmartSwipe POS payment processing, ensured, and at times you'll observe payments struck on your accounts earlier. Most the documentation you'll need is handily stored for you personally at the program's"Background" section. With Things functionality, SmartSwipe enables you to list every one of your items in your own cellular program and add images to get simple recognition. Additionally, it is likely to bring the cost and also a description for each product, so you get a seamless trade every moment. Using Groups on SmartSwipe, it's easy to prepare items into some categories which you decide on, and therefore that you do not need to spend your time searching for an product. It's possible to sell optional items together with SmartSwipe, track just how many items that you need on your stock, and listing your customers from a client database, program customers in the program calendar, and also collect digital signatures without needing PINs.


Go Mobile!

Simply take orders through the duration of your own restaurant via an i-pad or even I pad Mini with SmartSwipe's mobile program. Servers may very quickly go upto process and customers orders table-side, removing the hassle of moving backwards and forwards between the major terminal and also your kitchen. Join as much dictate takers while you would like with your I pad POS technique


Manage your inventory anywhere at no cost. Our inventory process is intended to assist you spend more hours in the front of the monitor and much more time together with your web visitors. Our Smartswipe program turns any tablet or smartphone to some point of purchase which enables you to improve item details such as name, price, or volume in actual time.

Item Modifiers

Easily enter orders with various modifiers put on items. Boost revenue with the addition of combos along with modifiers to a own menu, and alerting workers to up sell. Whenever you produce modifiers to get items, you're able to very quickly add more stuff to a purchase -- with or without another cost -- that'll be contained at the last trade and trade description. Most your items are listed for the reference and also you obtain seamless addon capability.

Tracking Tips

Suggested hint options will keep employees content. SmartSwipe POS enables you to accept hints, including indicated hints you have entered, all through this application form. You're able to automatically replicate the trick menu once the touch page opens or have the trick option on the touch page open when your customer


Keep an eye on customer info and also their preferences with all Customers at the slide-in menu. This works by using innovative technologies to synchronize and organize customer info by using their getting behaviour. Employing CRM accounts, only place company owners are able to analyze every single consumer's arrangement heritage to tailor their choices depending on their purchaser requirements.



SmartSwipe All-In-One

The Pop POS can be definitely an advanced level POS alternative which unites blue tooth POS receipt printing and also a money drawer. This POS remedy offers exemplary connectivity and style and design, also it provides you with intuitive performance together with integration. The M Pop POS is really a brand new Period of POS terminals

SmartSwipe Bundle POS

Select the SmartSwipe Bundle POS to find superb cost processing capabilities using Advanced Technology intuitive and tools functions, such as a recorder scanner, Heckler rack, I pad clasp stand, Posiflex Cash Drawer, Star TSP Printer, Magtek card reader, climb, along with EPN card reader.

SmartSwipe All-In-One

Customize Your POS

Customize your POS to offer the exact functionality you want and the convenience you desire for your customers. Choose just the features you need for your business, from a selection of tools including a barcode scanner, Heckler stand, iPad grip stand, Posiflex cash drawer, and more.

Barcode Scanner

Scan barcodes that have been assigned to your items so you
can speed up transactions.

iPad Grip Stand

Scale integrates directly into your POS system, speeding up transactions and offering effortless weight

Heckler Stand

Simple and lightweight. Effortlessly use your iPad to process customer card payments.

Posiflex Cash Drawer

A rigid and enhanced cash drawer designed by one of the worlds leaders in POS peripherals.

Star TSP Printer

All parts and software are in one box, with fast printing for easy customer transactions.


A beautiful and secure iPad stand that’s perfect for mobile POS credit card transactions.

Magtek Card Reader

Features a magnetic read head on either side, saving you and your customers flipping and checkout time.

EPN Card Reader

A mobile card reader offering magnetic, chip, and signature transactions capabilities.

How It Works

SmartSwipe mobile POS processing is the perfect solution for any retailer looking to enhance customer service with efficiency, reliability and convenience.

With the SmartSwipe mobile card reader, swipe any debit or credit card and make a transaction via your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Avoid long checkout lines by ringing up your customers on the floor, sending text and email receipts, adding up transactions with a built-in calculator and inserting memos. In one safe, swift swipe create an efficient shopping experience, customer satisfaction guaranteed. Internet speed required: 1-3 stations requires 1 Mbps Download and 512 Kbps Upload. 3+ stations requires 2 Mbps Download and 1 Mbps Upload