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Whatever the sort of property you manage, an extensive, easy-to-use program helps enhance your company so you earn more income whilst the applications will do the hard job. The app enables you to handle most your possessions and daily tasks in 1 place. Additionally, it customizes leasing agreements and bills over a few minutes. With a click on a button, promotion plans boost your own presence, earning you extra money

365villas Manages Your Rental Portfolio So You Don’t Have To

Bring your temporary rental possessions together in to a place together with 365villas. This innovative property management applications simultaneously streamlines your business processes and raises diversification. Seamless integration of direction stages means every element of one's premises direction can be completed in 1 spot. Your redundant everyday activities become automated, providing you with the excess time to concentrate on customer care and optimize profits.

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Full Customization Options

Take your business to new heights with the ability to complete transactions electronically. With Internet sales and e-commerce capabilities, reach a broader audience with the ability to securely accept credit card payments from customers around the globe. Easily accept electronic payments from a virtual terminal or web store with the confidence that all of your transactions are processed quickly, safely and without any interruptions.

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Managing Properties On-the-Go

Receiving transactions on your phone or tablet is a major part of SmartSwipe, but it also has other tools to boost business. Appointments to view properties are added with a touch of a button and managed on the same screen. The portability of SmartSwipe means your office is wherever you are giving you the flexibility to make money from anywhere.

Add Value, Deduct Stress

Property management doesn’t need to be a labor-intensive process. Simplify yours by easing the payment process via Property Management: Ingenico Terminal Solution. Eliminate the pain of manual processing and individual invoices by adding a system that integrates with your existing framework to deliver streamlined information in the format that works best for you. Cash or card, on the go or in the office, the methods and data are yours to control.

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Just like its customers, your transportation business is constantly on the go. From taxis to buses, vans, and trains, you want your transportation business to move as fast and efficiently as your vehicles do. That’s where Merchant Account Solutions comes into play. For more than a decade, we have offered smart and innovative point of sale solutions to companies big and small. Allow us to service yours today!

Best POS System for Transportation

A portable debit machine or wireless card machine makes it easy for your riders to swipe, tap, or dip their credit or debit cards, chip cards, or Android Pay, Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay accounts anytime, anywhere. These safe and secure methods of payment allows your transportation company to keep up with on-the-go consumers looking for ease and convenience


Merchant Account Solutions offers a myriad of POS systems and solutions that cater perfectly to your transportation company’s needs and wants. From the smart, sleek, and compact Clover Go system to the lightning-fast software of Revel and Lightspeed, Merchant Account Solutions only offers the best point of sale solutions systems available on the market.

We use several credentials to find the best POS products and services for your business’ needs. These include monthly and swipe costs, back-end amenities such as inventory management, built-in solutions like customer relationship management (CRM) software, hardware, and ease of set-up and use.

As Fast as Your Fleet

Allow Merchant Account Solutions to make your transportation company lightning-fast to keep up with today’s busy and demanding riders. With a plethora of POS services, your company can be as fast as your fleet of transportation vehicles.

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