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Running a food truck, you connect personally with your diners while wowing them with unique tastes. Mobile eateries serving food, drink, and snacks have to work at peak efficiency to please customers and keep their business running smoothly. This means that a point of sale system can never get in the way. Merchant Account Solutions has many POS options that are dynamic, flexible, and powerful – three qualities that food truck entrepreneurs know something about.

Easily Serve Customers With the Clover StationR

The CloverR system is a powerful solution that comes in many different varieties, each one capable of delivering essential operations with plenty of enhanced user options. Choose from:

  • Clover StationR
  • Clover MINIR
  • Clover MobileR
  • Clover GoR

The Clover StationR boasts a sleek design and advanced software. Use it to track inventory, make payments, generate reports, and much more. You can even manage time sheets and print documents from the same station; it really is an all-in-one POS solution.

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The Compact and Powerful Clover MINIR

The Clover MINIR easily perches on a counter without taking up a lot of space; this is ideal for compact business environment like food trucks. This works great as a basic terminal and can be easily expanded to incorporate other functionalities, including a wide selection of apps designed especially for CloverR systems. Simplify your accounting while still keeping track of all essential data points. Seamlessly handle gift cards, inventory management, marketing, and so much more from this handy interface.

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Revel Point of Sale for Food Trucks

The Revel POS system is a dynamic and useful piece of technology that works for single locations and multiple locations; this is ideal for anyone that owns a fleet of food trucks. This integrated approach generates more accurate data and saves time on common accountancy tasks. This system also lets you capably handle employee management tasks; with just a touch you can reveal insights into the function of your business, so you can make improvements with pinpoint precision.

Stay On the Go With Clover MobileR Solutions

Everything you love about the CloverR System is now available in a mobile POS version. This is great for food truck businesses that are just starting out or that want to do business as a cart, food stand, or anywhere else with minimal counter space. Mobile payment processing is fast, simple, and secure; you can easily accept a variety of payment options eliminating a line of people waiting for your technology to catch up.

Food Truck Tech

The robust Food on a Truck app makes running a food truck business efficient and convenient. Your business will grow with this app using the following features: easy location setup, automatic tweets, a sales dashboard, website scheduling, and customer surveys. Your customers will be able to easily find your next location or events you will be at through your tweet notifications. The Sales Dashboard will help you track your sales by location on a daily or hourly basis. Website schedule is a widget that automatically syncs the schedule on your business website with the one on the app. Finally, Food on a Truck app provides a customer survey link automatically to the digital and print receipts.

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A Powerful System to Manage Your Food Truck

A Powerful System to Manage Your Food Truck

Your food truck is more than a small business. Your business brings joy to its customers through delicious food and pleasant experiences. Your POS system should enhance these qualities about your business by making the transaction process simple for both customers and employees. Merchant Account Services provides POS systems that take this simple fact into consideration. Whether you’re looking for a fast checkout solution, or something powerful and dynamic, we have a variety of options to suite your needs.

The Smart Swipe POS System is unique because of its customizability. Smart Swipe allows you to enter menu items that can be modified to suit a customer’s needs. In addition, there are multiple ways to include upsell items. Perhaps one of the most useful tools is the ability to split a bill between multiple patrons without risking miscalculation or reconciliation errors at the end of the day. Imagine being able to offer customers the attention they deserve while keeping the checkout process simple and organized.

With both the Smart Swipe and the Clover Station, customers may choose to have receipts printed on the spot or sent to their email. The iPad and mobile interfaces make tipping a breeze for customers and employees alike. The days of manually sifting through card receipts and calculating total tips are over. Review receipts and print reports with ease.

You can accept an array of payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, contactless payment methods and cash. We supply card readers that are PA-DSS certified for free with some bundles. The Clover Station provides an intuitive user-interface for simple item selection and transaction. All our systems can provide sales reports, making daily reconciliation much easier.

The time and money you spend providing the best food and customer experience is evident in the quality of your food truck’s daily operation. Your POS system should be capable of keeping your business needs organized so that you don’t have to. Merchant account solutions provides all-encompassing POS systems that handle more than just the checkout process.

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