About LightSpeed

Manage your restaurant using more efficacy and arrangement than in the past with light-speed Restaurant. Boost your company whilst increasing customer care with rapid pace and dependability. Impress your clients and keep a motivated team with acts like table-side employee and ordering management reporting and bookkeeping. Whether you are conducting a nearby or chain restaurant, then be noticeable using light-speed.

All-in-One POS System

All-in-One POS System The LightSpeed Point of Sale system is a POS that’s tailored to suit your



Curate your very own personalized visible menu and then ship it into distinct locations with all the option of upgrading it in the your home or on the run. Hone on your own team by producing programs for each and every worker and monitoring summit hours along with also their operation shifts. Sustain your own restaurant with any essential changes around the move to offer you the optimal/optimally knowledge for the clients, from dividing invoices to dining designs. Decide what advice your personnel find with consent preferences that place aside private out of category things.


Increase conversation in your own restaurant using a complex POS method which effortlessly contrasts between your ground and also kitchen. Send notices for exclusive events like joyful kitchen or hours specials using a easy-to-use technique which sends out bulk audience. Personalize just about every customer-experience by providing specific perks like charge dividing, published receipts and on occasion just a reception delivered for their e mail. Our wireless characteristic ensures you you won't ever need to wait patiently an online connection . Retain your cafe working together with relieve.

iPad POS

Generate a fun and efficient setting using renowned applications such as for instance an i-pad therefore your team may aid any clients who've questions easily. Up the communicating on your cafe having an cloud-based POS which lets you accept orders and process payments at all, every time. Expel the time wasted using payment and lines processing together with light-speed's turnover that is successful. Your team will be obviously ready to answer some other questions coming from in their way together with the I pad always facing your mind.


Stay up-to-date with your restaurant by accessing reports at any time. Update menus according to best-selling items and sales with reports tracking the most sought after items. Track what items in your kitchen are running low for an efficient and effective inventory management system. Access how much profit each individual staff member is bringing in and how quickly his or her table turnover is.


Sync a purpose of purchase platform by means of your Xero or even Quickbooks bookkeeping computer software. Get pleasure from the accounts control quality that understands of your financing and articles some other monetary info you might be searching for. Do not be concerned about any glitches or inconsistencies having a dependable POS program which frees your earnings data on your bookkeeping program. Increase cafe morale by establishing aims. Reporting dash permit one to obtain weekly, daily, monthly and yearly operation of your restaurant is currently already doing.


Permission configurations permit various end users constraints on characteristics and info. Just about every employee employs a single, user-friendly account All of info is always backedup using Liteserver to maintain all upgraded only if there's an issue with all the world wide web